Tyco RC Mini N.S.E.C.T. Swarm

January 2008

Street Price: $29.95 US
Manufacturer: Tyco RC
Mfgr's recommended min. age: 6+
Our recommended age range: 6+
Primary use: Indoor
Radio: 49mhz

  • Assembled NSECT
  • Projectile
  • Transmitter
  • Instructions
  • 5x AAA batteries

Initial Impressions

Ok, I'll admit, I'm a sucker for small versions of big things, and that's exactly what this is. I reviewed the heavy, pricey, full-sized N.S.E.C.T. awhile back and found it to be very interesting, but a bit expensive for what it could do, and very, very noisy. The mini version promised to have even less that it could do, but at under $30 and small enough to hold in your palm, I thought it was well worth a try! Check out this weird controller:

Each side of the alien brain thing is actually two buttons, and they're used to control either side of legs, forward or backward.

Preparing to... Drive? Crawl? Walk?

Getting ready to go was really simple because you put two AA batteries in the controller, three in the bug, and turn it on. There's an optional "missile" you can load if you want, by just sticking it in the gun on the back.


The moment I started playing with the mini NSECT, I was hooked! It's so simple, but so cool. The way it moves is like a real insect, jittery and scurrying from place to place. It moves faster than I expected, and the eyes light up very bright, giving it a lot of personality! The video doesn't do it justice -- you have to see it in person, and terrorize a friend or sibling or pet with it! Stock up on batteries!

The only thing I didn't like at all is the "missile launcher" on the back. It fires when you move in reverse in one direction (there's no separate button to fire), and it only shoots a foot or two. Pretty weak. I wouldn't even bother using that again, but it's okay, the bug is fun enough by itself.


(Click a video a second time to view it larger in a new window.)



If you like the way the NSECT Swarm looks and have any interest in one at all after watching the video, get one. It's just too much fun. It's portable, easy to use, and you can take it anywhere. It goes on hard floors or carpet. It's fun for kids. It's novel for adults. This is a great toy.